General OOC Rules

  1. Be kind to and considerate of others.
  2. Do not instigate or continue arguments on OOC, especially after being told to stop by an Admin. Once something begins disrupting the flow of conversation, it should be taken to another medium than our OOC Chat.
  3. Avoid using other languages than English on the OOC chat. This is due to the fact that most players speak exclusively English and it is unfair to exclude them from the conversation when you are all capable of speaking English perfectly well.
  4. If your behavior on OOC is distasteful in any way, Admins reserve the right to mute you. Arguing about this grants them right to ban you for up to a day or more.
  5. Always keep the point behind a rule's existence in mind when interpreting whether any given action breaks it or not.
  6. Always ask an Admin (or OOC if one is unavailable) if you find yourself in doubt of whether something is against the rules or not.
  7. The rules exist to prevent situations that cause the general population of the server to lose out on fun, as well as to make the lives of Admins easier. Therefore, if you attempt to bend the meaning of rules to ruin someone else's fun, get someone banned or otherwise punished, or otherwise disrupt the server in any way, you may be banned at Admin discretion.
  8. An Admin's word is final, unless overruled by a majority of other Admins or a higher ranking Admin.
  9. Ignorance of a rule's existence does not make you exempt from punishment.

General Roleplay Rules

  1. This is a server dedicated to Roleplay. If you do not know what that is, check out this Wikipedia page on it.
  2. Do not metagame in any capacity.
  3. Keep IC and OOC separate at all times. Do not grudge someone (e.g. killing their character, stealing their stuff, or destroying their base) for OOC reasons. This is considered metagaming and will be punished as such.
  4. Alt Interaction (keys of the same IP and/or CID, belonging to a single player, co-existing on the same Z-Plane or otherwise interacting) is prohibited unless you can prove beyond reasonable doubt that it is two separate players interacting.
  5. Players are entitled to a single revive by Admin if they die due to accidental causes. After that point, 'accidental death' (Ex. crushed by gravity or forgetting an air mask in space) are considered IC and you will not be revived.
  6. Spend as much time RPing as possible. Self RP if you must, or at the very least put yourself in a non-isolated area so that RP may be able to find you.
  7. ERP (Erotic Roleplay) is permitted, assuming all involved parties meet the appropriate requirements (such as age).
  8. Players must consent OOCly in order for Roleplay involving their character being raped to be allowed, otherwise it is strictly prohibited. We aren't here to judge ya'll's kinks.
  9. No players are ever required to participate in ERP, even if the characters are doing such actions. If so desired, players can opt to 'black-screen' over the event and simply continue on after the deed has been done.
  10. Use of any skill verbs by any and all characters require an emote and countdown unless all parties in the affected area opt out of waiting.
  11. If you are planning to leave an area with active RP, you must RP your departure and wait a full CD length before doing so in order to give others time to react. This can be ignored if all parties in the affected area opt out of waiting.
  12. Any situation that requires a CD, a player may call "inf" or infinite time. It is preferred that you adhere to this common courtesy and accept it, so long as the player is using it to complete an RP, not buy time to give themselves an advantage.
  13. If you do not wish to accept their "inf" plea, you may instead opt to give them two CDs worth of time instead, which should be plenty of time for them to write an appropriately detailed response.
  14. Do not interact with AFK players in any way. You may, however, move them from an area if they are blocking RP actions. Do not move them more than a few tiles from their original location.
  15. Empty bodies should be treated as AFK players and not interracted with in any way unless you have IC knowledge they are, in fact, empty bodies. In this case they can be treated as NPCs.
  16. Players caught RPing, chatting, moving around, or otherwise in any way interracting with the game while using an AFK tag will have their AFK rights removed entirely by Admins.
  17. If a player goes AFK during hostile and does not specify when they shall return, they are to be given 10 minutes (10 countdowns if you wish to be precise) before you may resume hostile with them whether they have returned or not. This is at player leisure.
  18. Tags should go at the end of your character's name, not before.
  19. Refrain from using any tags that aren't age, afk, or reward related.
  20. OOC tags may be used only at Admin discretion. You should otherwise be IC at all times when active.
  21. Titles are not allowed in character names unless approved by an Admin level 1+.
  22. Names must be pronouncable, may not contain vulgar or offensive words, should not resemble Admin keys or names of other characters past or present, and should not be easily related to anime/TV/movies/popular culture.

Combat Roleplay Rules

  1. Combat is initiated when a player sends an emote declaring hostile intent towards a target or targets. Any targets must be directly stated, at the very least in LOOC Brackets (()).
  2. This emote must be followed up with a countdown to give other players a chance to respond in kind.
  3. If you intend to flee combat, you must directly state as such in your RP. Do not under any circumstances RP fighting and then run away or vice versa.
  4. Your combat roleplay should be as detailed as possible and avoid vagueness.
  5. While it is not required you act out exactly what you write in your RP to a T, it is required that if you RP doing something in your RP you actually do it. (If you roleplay firing a beam, you had best fire a beam in the fight.)
  6. A round of combat ends when all hostile characters have been knocked out (KOd).
  7. After each round of combat, victorious characters may each inflict one single temporary injury to any enemy, or a permanent one if a temporary injury already exists on that limb.
  8. Lethal round onwards, you may inflict any injury you wish so long as you forego killing them that round.
  9. Removing a Saiyans tail counts as a permanent injury and requires a KO without injury followed by a KO in which you RP removing the tail to be valid.
  10. When two rounds of combat have been won by a single side (ex side a wins a round, side b wins a round, then side a wins a second round), lethal intent may be declared by either side of the fight.
  11. Doing so means that all involved in combat from that round onwards may be killed, including any who join during or after this round.
  12. In the case where your side is outnumbered, every extra opponent KOd beyond the amount equal to your side's acts as if you have won an extra round.
  13. Characters that have 5x the BP (or greater) of another character may declare lethal on the first round. This lethal is still two-way so if somehow the lesser character manages to kill you, it is legit.
  14. Do not abuse in-game mechanics (such as anger CD) in an attempt to give yourself an advantage over other players.
  15. Massive Area of Affect abilities (Ex. Genocide and Planet Destroy) require Admin Level 3+ approval and for your character to have the highest current BP in the affected area.
  16. Do not commit OOC actions that prevent you from dying or participating in RP in the Afterlife (Commonly known as death avoiding).
  17. Do not do something such as Self Destruct before lethal to avoid being absorbed unless you have knowledge of how the absorb skill works. This is several kinds of metagaming and will be punished as such.

General Race Rules

  1. Each race starts with inherent knowledge of different things. Each race has basic In-Character (IC) knowledge of their own planet or realm, including its caves, entrances, and exits.(Exceptions listed for each race)
  2. Each race has a distinct childhood and adulthood age at which certain actions become available to them.
  3. Prior to reaching childhood age, a character is incapable of using or learning skills (exception being flight simply for convenience sake), engaging in combat (they may be attacked but not attack back), or training.
  4. Prior to reaching the adulthood age, a character is incapable of Super Saiyan transformation without a teacher who has mastered that form (the exception being if you have achieved a form beyond that. Ex. a child/teen with SSj2 can access SSj1 equally well as any adult.) or in a situation of extreme emotion.
  5. Prior to reaching 90% of their adulthood age (if 18 is adulthoot, 90% is roughy 16 years old), a character is disallowed from participating in ERP of any type. They may not have it forced upon them nor willingly enter into it.

    Mouse over each race's name for a list of their base knowledge within the universe.

    • Human -- Childhood at 3 years of age. -- Adulthood at 18 years of age. -- No alignment restriction.
    • Spirit Doll -- Childhood at 0 years of age. -- Adulthood at 0 years of age. -- No alignment restriction.
    • Makyo -- Childhood at 2 years of age. -- Adulthood at 11 years of age. -- May be any alignment except Lawful Good and Chaotic Good.
    • Earth Demon -- Childhood at 2 years of age. -- Adulthood at 10 years of age. -- May be any non-good alignment.
    • Namekian -- Childhood at 1 year of age. -- Adulthood at 9 years of age. -- No alignment restriction.
    • Alien -- Childhood at 4 years of age. -- Adulthood at 15 years of age. -- No alignment restriction.
    • Android -- Childhood at 0 years of age. -- Adulthood at 0 years of age. -- No alignment restriction.
    • Bio-Android -- Childhood at 0 years of age. -- Adulthood at 0 years of age. -- May be any evil alignment or Chaotic Neutral.
    • Icer -- Childhood at 4 years of age. -- Adulthood at 15 years of age. -- May be any evil alignment or Lawful Neutral.
    • Tsujin -- Childhood at 3 years of age. -- Adulthood at 18 years of age. -- No alignment restriction.
    • Saiyan -- Childhood at 2 years of age. -- Adulthood at 16 years of age. -- May be any evil alignment or Chaotic Neutral.
    • Half-Saiyan -- Childhood at 2.5 years of age. -- Adulthood at 17 years of age. -- No alignment restriction.
    • Majin -- Childhood at 0 years of age. -- Adulthood at 0 years of age. -- May be any Neutral alignment.
    • Kai -- Childhood at 3 years of age. -- Adulthood at 14 years of age. -- May be any non-evil alignment except Chaotic Neutral.
    • Demigod -- Childhood at 2.5 years of age. -- Adulthood at 12 years of age. -- Must be Neutral.
    • Demon -- Childhood at 2 years of age. -- Adulthood at 10 years of age. -- May be any non-good alignment except True Neutral.

  6. All characters have the capacity to overcome their racial limitations in regards to knowledge and alignment through extensive character development and Admin level 2+ approval.
  7. All races barring Androids, Demons, Spirit Dolls, and Aliens must have an icon resembling their race.
  8. All races must maintain the same basic appearance (in terms of base icon) except those who have imitate, which allows the character to change their appearance into anything else that meets overall icon rules.
  9. Icons should have clearly defined states. (Meditating, attacking, flying, etc should all be distinct)
  10. You may not use turf or object icons in place of player icons-- this includes as clothing overlaying your character. (Obvious exceptions include bedding or bathing overlays for RP purposes.)
  11. Icons should have an opacity of at least 65% overall.
  12. Naming conventions for races can be followed or not at your leisure, we don't care.
  13. Saiyans are generally born with brown, black, or dark-red hair. However, any hair color may be used.
  14. Saiyans and Half-Saiyans are incredibly skilled at learning new techniques. As such they require half the normal time to learn a skill when training with a master.

Ranks and Applications

  1. Ranking begins starting at Year 3, and then Year 10/15/20/etc
  2. Applications are to be submitted via pastebin and posted on the server's discord "other-applications" channel or by clicking the "Applications" button in the top-right corner of story/rules. There are no exceptions.
  3. Applications should contain your Key, the character's name, their race, age, alignment, what you are applying for, and a topic if you were given one. There is no length requirement for rank applications.
  4. Applications must be relevant to the topic given, within reason. There are some instances of metaphorical relation that could be argued. It is ultimately up to the judging Admin.
  5. An Admin's word is final. Attempting to submit the application to another Admin or get it passed any other way after having been failed will simply result in you being added to the Do Not Rank (DNR) list for the remainder of the wipe or longer, if it continues.
  6. If you fail your application, do not resort to anger or negative responses. You are free to ask for advice on where to improve future applications and even potentially be given a chance to submit a revised version.
  7. Before attempting to apply for anything, ensure you meet the proper requirements.
  8. If you are given access to a rank or restricted race, you will be watched and scrutinized even moreso by Admins than other players. This is due to the fact that we hold ranked players to the highest of standards, as they can drive the story more effectively than most other characters.
  9. Breaking rules or restrictions as a ranked player (or one with a restricted race) will result in your save being deleted and you being added to the DNR list.
  10. A player may not be of the same limited/restricted race or rank multiple wipes in a row.
  11. It is possible to pass on a rank you applied for with Admin Level 3+ permission. However, it is at their discretion as to whether they allow it.
  12. You may choose anyone who has valid IC reason to attain the rank, as well as meets the requirements for the rank as if they were applying for it normally.
  13. If you fail to pass on your rank and choose to abandon it, it will be applicable by the public once more and you will be put on the DNR list for the remainder of the wipe.

Map Rules and Area Restrictions

  1. Do not block off natural entrances (caves, buildings spawning on the map by default, etc), player spawns, skill teleportation areas, warpers, or other game areas that have limited access-ways.
  2. You may only build around caves or similar areas if they are open to the public (no password on doors or no doors at all). Notify an Admin that you build around such an area just to be safe.
  3. Houses should be 25 square tiles in size at minimum, and should never take up more than 1/16th of a single map. If you wish to make a larger building, it should be mostly public-access. Otherwise, notify an Admin and ensure they don't mind the space being taken up.
  4. Admins reserve the right to remove any and all tiles made by players that break these rules.
  5. Certain areas require Admin permission to enter. Mouse over this text to see those areas.
  6. Some areas require Admin permission to learn of their existance, whether you require permission to enter it or not. Mouse over this text to see which ones require this.
  7. If you are caught in an area you either have no permission to be in or no knowledge of ICly, you will be forced to omit all interactions in there. If it is something that can alter your character (HBTC, Core, Kaioshin, etc), you may have your bp nerfed as a punishment or even up to the point of save-wiping if the damage is too severe.
  8. Certain objects on the map should never be used without Admin permission or expressley stated knowledge. Mouse over this text for a list of objects that fit this criteria.
  9. Do not use the vampire altar or in any way become a vampire.

Items and Technology Rules

  1. Certain items require Admin permission to use, even if available to you. Mouse over this text to see items fitting this criteria.
  2. A scouter's default frequency is always OOC. Other communication frequencies are IC.
  3. Scouters are incapable of telling what someone's race is, no matter what the Sense/Scan tab information states. That information is OOC and should be treated as such.
  4. Teleportation Watches and Pads do not work between the Living Realm and Afterlife.
  5. A tech that has been unlocked privately may not be applied for public unlock by any other player for a full in-game year. This is referred to as a 'patent-period' in other parts of the rules/story.
  6. A player may pay double the normal unlock cost to unlock tech privately for themself that is currently within a 'patent-period'.
  7. Spacepods may only be used by characters who have knowledge of how to use them. This requires you to be a rank or race with such inherent knowledge or to be taught by someone else who already has the knowledge. -- The exception being if you invented the tech or have an intelligence of 0.8 or higher.
  8. Amulet items should never be used from the Science tab. Only ones given to or made by ranks may be used, and only following the guidelines for them laid out in the skills section below.
  9. If you have access to restricted technology, who you share this technology with is entirely up to you unless an Admin directly states otherwise.
  10. If technology is publically unlocked and your race isn't in some way restricted from having inherrent knowledge of it (such as Saiyans with Space Travel), you may use it freely.
  11. If you somehow gain access to a restricted technology/item via means other than the original recipient willingly sharing it with you, do not use it until you have gained permission from an Admin to do so.

Skills and Ability Rules

  1. Saiyan transformations should only be used in times of extreme need, emotional duress, or other Admin-approved situations.
  2. If you achieve a Saiyan transformation of a higher tier, all below it may be used freely as your base form. Mastering SSj (Aka unlocking SSjFP) allows you to use it freely as your base form.
  3. Saiyan transformations attained via game mechanics and not given by an Admin are considered OOC until an Admin approves a player's submitted transformation RP.
  4. The power boost gained from an initial transformation into a Super Saiyan form is considered IC, even if the transformation itself is not.
  5. Icer transformations should only be used when your current form simply won't cut it. Seek Admin approval before attempting a transformation if you or anyone involved are in doubt of the necessity of the transformation.
  6. Inter-dimensional Telepathy & Observe is always to be considered OOC unless you are a Kai in Heaven/on Kaioshin, a (Hell) Demon in Hell, or a rank with specific exceptions.
  7. Telepathy & Observe is IC otherwise, so long as the person you are attempting to telepathy/observe is currently senseable or you have met them before.
  8. Sense Level 3 racial information is to be considered OOC at all times unless you are a Demigod or a rank with specific exceptions.
  9. Namekians may only have a single counterpart for the duration of the wipe unless given express permission from an Admin Level 3+.
  10. You may not under any circumstances use the Reset Counterpart verb without Admin Level 3+ permission.
  11. Teaching a skill given via rank requires 3 years of IC roleplay involving teaching the technique, as well as Admin Level 3+ supervision.
  12. Do not use in-game teach verb to teach rank skills under any circumstances, a Level 3+ Admin will use the appropriate commands to give the skill.
  13. Teleportation skills require an RP and CD before usage and may not be used to escape hostile. Amulets are an exception to this, so long as Lethal Intent has been declared.
  14. Use of an Amulet when other players are within area of affect range or in an open area where people may stumble into range requires Lethal Intent, for all involved parties to be ICly willing, or Admin permission.
  15. You may not use Amulets without IC knowledge of their usage. You may not gain knowledge of their use without being taught by a Rank that can make them.

    The following is a list of skills that have very specific rules for their usage.

    • Kaioken
      • May not be used alongside Mystic or Majin
      • If being taught by a Kai, the one learning the skill must be pure of heart.
      • Those who are not masters (ranks which the skill is given to originally) may not go over 4x without Admin permission.
      • Death caused by use of this skill is always considered IC no matter the circumstances. Use at your own risk.
    • Mystic
      • May not be used alongside Kaioken
      • Unless given to a rank (not taught, but given in the original rank's skills) with prevailing alignment restrictions, this skill forces those who possess it to become good aligned if they weren't already.
      • This skill may not be forcefully taught to anyone.
      • This skill may not be taught to a forced evil character.
      • This skill may, as an exception to the above two rules, be forced upon a character who is currently Majinized if the teacher's BP exceeds 125% of the other player's. -- This requires Lethal
      • Androids may never learn this skill.
      • This skill ICly works as unlocking the latent power of a character's purest virtues, and thusly must be actively used or maintained lest it be lost to the user.
    • Majin
      • May not be used alongside Kaioken
      • Unless given to a rank (not taught, but given in the original rank's skills) with prevailing alignment restrictions, this skill forces those who possess it to become evil aligned if they weren't already.
      • This skill may be forcefully taught to anyone who is neither a Kai nor a forced good character with Lethal Intent and an appropriate-quality RP.-- Androids are an exception to this and may not ever learn this skill.
      • This skill may not be taught to anyone who also has the skill "Mystic", no matter the power level or situation.
      • When taught this skill either willingly or not, there is a 35% chance that you will die and a 0.05% chance that it will fail entirely. (Admin rolls a D20, 8-15 means death, a 1 is a fail, and all other numbers are a success)
      • Any character taught this skill must obey the teacher's every whim.
      • This skill ICly works as unlocking the laten power of a character's darkest sins, and thusly lowers their willpower and makes it harder to break free over time.
      • Characters who have had this skill placed upon them by another's power must have it activated at all times unless they are freed from its power.
      • The simplest (but by no means the easiest) manner of breaking free of this skill's control is reaching 125%+ of the majinizer's base BP. Only your base BP counts (Cyber BP, Buff/Trans, PU, etc do not count towards it) for this calculation.
      • Another option is to have more than twice their relative energy.
      • The final option is through sheer willpower through form of RP. This one is likely the easiest but requires the most Admin intervention.
    • Soul Contract
      • This skill gives the contractor IC and OOC permission to do whatever it is they wish with your soul, unless stated in the contract.
      • The contractor may deceive you into signing.
      • The contractor must hold up their end of the bargain, if one was made.
      • All verbs related to the Soul Contract require an RP of reasonable length followed by a CD.
      • The "Absorb" option in Soul Contracts require Admin level 3+ permission to use and incredibly good reason. This verb ICly force-reincarnates the soul and destroys the contract.
      • One or both involved parties should save a copy of the contract so that an Admin knows whether any of the guidelines have been broken.
    • Revive
      • If the skill is used by a Kai rank, it may only be used once per IC year by said rank. If used by another rank, it may be used once per IC year per person they choose to revive.
      • Requires Admin Level 3+ permission and an appropriately detailed roleplay.
      • Supreme Kaioshin's revive skill also grants a bp boost to 1.3x your previous base bp but has a 50% chance (diceroll by admin) that the SPK dies doing so. The SPK may also choose to use the revive without said boost, and it will not kill them.
      • You can not use this skill if you lack a body. You may have it used on you without one, however.
    • Keep Body
      • Requires Admin Level 3+ permission to use if being used on someone other than oneself.
    • Namekian Fusion
      • Requires Admin Level 3+ permission to use or teach.
      • The initiator has their save wiped.
      • Given the circumstances and boost actually acquired from using this skill, Admins may determine if a manual boost may be required for IC purposes.
      • The surviving user attains minor personality traits of the 'absorbed' Namekian.
    • Make Dragonballs
      • Requires Admin Level 4 permission to use.
      • May never be taught under any circumstances.
      • Upon creation, the creator may make a password and decide usage requirements for the Dragonballs (within reason, as judged by Level 4 Admin).
      • The creator is also able to make one wish (or set of wishes, if the balls are capable of such) before scattering them across the planet.
      • Whether you may make more than one wish depends on the planet the Dragonballs are created on and the power you give to the wishes.
      • Sacrificing the ability to grant immortality or time/space manipulation (can't be used to revive/move people around or undo events that have passed) increases wish count by one each.
      • Earth grants a single wish by default and Namek grants two.
    • Instant Transmission
      • May only be taught with Admin Level 3+ permission.
      • Can only be used to teleport to players already met.
      • If you can sense someone currently (they are in the sense tab), you may attempt teleporting to them. We do not promise success.
      • Requires Admin Level 3+ permission to be used when going from Living Realm to Afterlife or vice versa.
    • Kai Teleport
      • May only be taught with Admin Level 3+ permission.
      • Can only be used to teleport to planets one has prior knowledge of or has visited before.
      • You can not 'jump into' a teleportation using this skill. It occurs faster than light and you are not fast enough.
      • If used to teleport between LR and AL prior to Space Travel being public, Admin Level 3+ permission is required.
      • May not teleport anyone else along with you without Admin permission or if directly stated in your rank page.
      • If teleporting someone unwillingly, Lethal Intent is required and all other teleportation rules must still be followed.
    • Rift Teleport
      • May only be taught with Admin Level 4+ permission.
      • You can not 'jump into' a teleportation using this skill. It occurs faster than light and you are not fast enough.
      • If used to teleport between LR and AL prior to Space Travel being public, Admin Level 3+ permission is required.
      • If teleporting someone unwillingly, Lethal Intent is required and all other teleportation rules must still be followed.
      • May not be used while KOd or grabbed.
      • The message for teleportation is OOC and does not notify you ICly of their arrival.
      • May not be used to enter areas that are inaccessible regularly. Mouse over for a list of areas that meet this criteria.
    • Hakai
      • May only be taught with Admin Level 4+ permission.
      • Requires lethal intent.
      • May only be used if you are able to utilize the 5x lethal rule against an opponent at the time you declare lethal intent to use this skill.
      • Use of this skill deletes the player's save, thereby requiring Admin intervention each use. Do not abuse the power.
    • Bind
      • May only be taught with Admin Level 3+ permission.
      • Requires lethal intent.
      • Unbind simply requires an RP and CD.
    • Invisibility
      • May only be taught with Admin Level 3+ permission.
      • May not be used in combat unless rank/item rules state otherwise.
    • Make Amulet
      • May only be taught with Admin Level 3+ permission.
      • May only give Amulet items to other players with Admin Level 2+ permission.
      • May only teach Amulet usage to other players with Admin Level 2+ permission.
      • Having this skill grants you knowledge of Deadzone Amulets and how they work, for obvious reasons.
      • That does not necessarily mean you know -where- the Deadzone is nor how to leave, that information is racial.
    • Certain skills require Admin permission to learn, let alone use. Mouse over this text to see skills that meet this criteria.

Admin Guidelines

  1. As an Admin, it is your duty to always keep the interests of the server and its players above your own.
  2. You should always attempt to come to a resolution that results in as little loss to the server as possible.
  3. Never, ever use your Admin powers to give yourself an advantage over others. This includes editing yourself or anything on your character, spawning in items for yourself, etc.
  4. Unless the Head Admin gives permission otherwise (or there is an approved event that you are in charge of), do not ever edit players unless they are being given a rank. At which point the edits and 'gives' are all listed out, so nothing else should be added.
  5. "Testing" can be done on a private game, so never change variables or give out skills for such a reason.
  6. Omegafy/Give Super Saiyan requires Head Admin permission to be used on any player and may never be used on oneself.
  7. As an Admin, you are required to know and follow all rules on the server to the best of your ability. Enforcers of the rules should be held to the highest of standards and set an example to other players.
  8. Do not ever allow your personal feelings for a player to affect the severity of their punishment for an offense (or lack their of).
  9. When enforcing the rules, always remember that the point of this server is for everyone to have fun.
  10. Respect seniority of other Admins. This means both higher leveled Admins and those who have been a part of the team for longer. This does not mean you can't call them out when they do something wrong, but if they suggest you do something a certain way it is likely a good idea.

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