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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; as a sponsor of the 2008 Olympic Games, O'Connell hope Nike copy mode, with the positive Olympic marketing strategy to achieve their breakthrough, will create an international brand Aokang fashion. In the past, some consumers reflect O'Connell's style is too tough, not fashion. But after July 1 O'Connell made the Olympic ceremonial shoes appeared, people suddenly see and agree with O'Connell shoes fashion side. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; with Nike as a teacher I want to sky to speed up the pace of the 2008 Olympic Games, O'Connell Marketing speed is also accelerating. O'Connell wanted to be like the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games, Nike, as the next Olympic Games in boosting soar. O'Connell relevant person in charge told reporters recently, has deep Aokang Olympic complex in its beginning time of registration wanted to name "Olympus", because they do not comply with the relevant provisions of the final in someone else's Under the proposed order "Olympic healthy" meaning eventually formed today's name. After the success achieved in the 2008 Olympic Games sponsorship, Aokang more ambitious for himself in this set two goals: first, to enhance their brand value, shaping the image of the high-end market; the second is the brand to the world achieved recognition in the international arena. In such a goa cheap foamposites l, there are a series of generous O'Connell appeared, including the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee to deliver ceremonial shoes, set the "Olympic Dream Fund" to help achieve personal welfare Olympic champion dream, and invite Liu Xiang became the spokesperson O'Connell. Especially the latter, it caused a huge sensation in the community, a time people have to inquire into the relevant circumstances O'Connell. Liu Xiang endorsement of the brand both at home and abroad well-known large enterprises, while O'Connell sponsored by Liu Xiang, succeeded in leaving the public mind, "O'Connell standing shoulder to shoulder with major brand" impression. O'Connell to become China's version of the Nike, Liu Xiang, then it may be in their minds the Chinese version of Jordan. Sales terminals, O'Connell's strategy also revolves around Liu Xiang Olympic and expand, the country has 10 cities held a "wear O'Connell, won the Olympic tickets, cheer Liu Xiang" campaign, launched a strong offensive surge of the Olympic Games. Nike since 1984, from a small shoe factory inadequate for humanity as an international shoe giant, whether O'Connell can reproduce this historical trajectory, many people are watching and waiting. Show off fashion on the other side According to reports, a total of Aokang Group O'Connell, Hong Long, fire bird, Marie Claire, Retro jordans for sale and focus on the international Wan Li Weide five brands. But the reporter found that although there Aokang brand like Marie Claire, KANGLONG designed specifically for young fashion brands such, but fashionable men and women do not agree with how they feel O'Connell's style or partial "hard", not fashion. Until July 1, O'Connell undertake the production of Olympic etiquette shoes debut, just so that people began to identify O'Connell shoes fashion that side. According to the President of Aokang Footwear Technology Institute ???? introduced, its design inspired by the 2008 Olympic Games main building ?? "Bird's Nest" and "Water Cube", and the choice of white tones to highlight women's and men Brisk practical shoes, a good interpretation of the Olympic spirit. Industry experts believe that the Olympic ceremonial shoe show, in terms of O'Connell is an excellent opportunity, which the O'Connell shoe fashion design and style show in front of the public, to a certain extent, reversed the people for Aokang Shoes It does not have the fashion sense of the old impression. Sometimes the impression is a key factor in the success or failure of a brand. O'Connell said to seize this opportunity to develop a Aokang Shoes "aesthetics plus science and technology" as a new style. As an important step to strengthen the shoe fashion taste O'Connell, Cheap air jordan 12 ovo O'Connell recently introduced to Liu Xiang tailored three "Raymond" series of products, namely, Rui Xiang, fly and Sonata, and sketched out Brisk elegant feel. O'Connell hope Liu Xiang fashion taste through the mass recognition, as the table Ming Aokang shoes fashion taste is extraordinary. Try marketing the new model Insiders pointed out that "so far, O'Connell is not considered a complete sense of national brand, though O'Connell's official website states that their country has more than 5,000 sales outlets, but in the north, especially in Beijing, but O'Connell rarely seen since O'Connell's market is mainly concentrated in the South and Northeast. " Indeed, while O'Connell to reach 200 million to 300 million yuan in Shanghai a year in sales, but in the north has suffered "acclimatized." The reason, experts believe that the implementation is primarily O'Connell chain store model. Most of Beijing and other northern cities to consumers shopping mall-based, like the lively atmosphere and shop around, which is why Ockham reputation in Beijing's loud enough mainly because it is difficult to see in the major mall to Aokang brand. Through a series of consumer surveys, O'Connell also found problems, and timely adjustment strategies, specifically the implementation of a new marketing strategy for the northern market, product statione cheap jordans online d more large shopping malls. Meanwhile, O'Connell also proposed the creation of "big shop" new thinking. It is understood that this is an idea from the Aokang Group President Wang Tao of the future, every "big shop" must reach hundreds or thousands of square meters in size, the features of both supermarkets and chain stores together. In addition, O'Connell also proposed to establish a "O'Connell online shopping mall", that not only have a physical store, but also in autonomous conduct online marketing business. By Wang Tao's words, that "there are thousands of stores on the ground, the air must have thousands of stores." Although the initial investment is large, but in the long run, this online shopping mall across the middle of the channel business direct sales model, would be a most cost savings and the most development potential of a new model of marketing. O'Connell senior foreseeable future will be with the Olympic O'Connell next level.thirty years ago, the strongest in the history of basketball players and the history of the legendary longevity endorsement shoes began their prologue, that is Michael Jordan and his Air Jordan 1. However, unlike the top flagship today, in 1985 the shoes technology remains to be the age of enlightenment, the first generation of Air Jordan Air? Sole in the bottom configuration and design can only cheap jordans for sale mens be leather vamp chastity, really make him known to every family, it is reflecting the devil face hole red color appearance. about this pair of shoes was born the legend of background, I believe you must recite exploration shoe, in the last week in Paris Jordan Brand 30th anniversary celebration Palais 23, MJ two and Nike Tinker Hatfield and Mark Smith's design once again gathered to explain this experience the past. : "although I am not very able to accept" Bred "(Black + Red) of the new words, but I try to let myself accept it, but the fact that Air Jordan today can have this kind of scene, the" Bred "has played a key role in pushing hands. "What MJ said," at that time, the alliance is so hated this pair of shoes, because it is a violation of the black and white uniform dress code, but we must turn red on top, while the children do not think that there is not good, on the contrary, it makes you wear it with all the different. In contrast to the Union's official response, people simply love these shoes. "." in the interview also brought out many interesting topics, including them in the long-term cooperative relations still continue to inspire each other and grow up, their favorite shoes algebra and so on, even accidentally revealed the top secret AJ XXX hearsay, interested researchers may wish to survey. Gary Warnett watch the fu Cheap air jordans for sale ll interview record. sources and pictures: Sole, Collector, Gary, Warnett smooth and fast, ultra long range shot outside, Stephen Curry has set off a wave called the phenomenon, often in the bombing of the outside show the total people exclaimed, this season he has once again reached at least 300 star three points scoring record, show the character of sagittarius. This time we decided to edit selected from the three ball point, during his regular season with Curry 3 was four degrees three points in one game hit rate exceeded 70%, which contains 13 into three pointers and breaking the NBA record of the classic battle, here's a look at Stphen Curry three broke up feeling these games are super hot in which Curry 3, the red hot moment kid curry aftertaste! 1. UA Curry 3 'Dub Nation Home' three points, 76.5% goals per game, 17 shots / 13 hits - the date: the United States in November 2016 07, - results: Pelican warrior 116-106 date: the United States time of 2017 months 03 months 18 results: male deer Warriors hit rate date: the United States in 2017 02 months 01 results: date: the United States in December 2016 03, reports sources: Getty, Image / Getty, Images / ZIMBIO / Nice, Kicks / NBA, on, ESPN / Mercury, News / Inquirer, SportsThe publication of 2015 Adidas Ultra BOOST is the year following the Energy BOOST and a s cheap jordans for sale trong work, regardless of technology or performance won good comments from all walks of life, but also makes the instant popularity rise, let everyone understand that BOOST and Primeknit's charm. It is early to lay a good reputation, but also makes the subsequent series have continued to launch opportunity. However, even if officials do not yet have Ultra BOOST 3 related news, but the network has been exposed to a variety of colors. The evolution to the third generation, and the outline of basic science and technology does not have too much change, but it is worth noting that in the change in vamp Primeknit, shared by @sneakerprophet_ style can be clearly identified followed by different weave, followed by other stable tablets also change, look forward to the Adidas Ultra BOOST 3 evolution can bring better wear sense. source: @sneakerprophet_Reebok Graphlite Pro from the beginning of 1991, and issued a total of four versions, rugby star for "A runnable Irving Fryar cross-trainer Halleluja.?" to describe the performance of Graphlite Pro composite, and Reebok to the engraved is Graphlite Pro in 1993 on the second version, Reebok stereo Logo into the shoe body structure, with in the bottom line of the Hexalite, and in the middle of the bottom supporting plate implanted Graphlite fiber, undoubtedly show Reebok 90s patent technology exce Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping llence, and avant-garde design of cross age sense, from the current perspective to examine the future is still filled with gas, through the whole shoes red color, make suede, plastic, leather nylon material, complement each other, for the classical training shoes dazzling new color. Reebok Graphlite Pro can now be purchased at HANON, priced at 95 pounds, model AR2604. source: Hanon day before Reebok ZOKU? RUNNER in the UK on sale, the brand Reebok Classic returned to the hometown hosted party, and invited just sign near brand spokesperson - rapper Future attended the concert, the talented Future at the beginning of February this year announced it would publish his fifth album "FUTURE", and about one week after release the sixth album "HNDRXX", original interpretation of music. But on the day Future also will be launched with the ZOKU RUNNER Trailer? Cooperation style, in addition to wait and see what will wipe out the spark, this also let us through an interview, see? Reebok Classics and shoes of all sorts of influence of Future?. as a teenager growing up in Atlanta, what is your inspiration for your style? in movies and TV programs influence me a lot, like Cooley High and Beat Street movie, TV show? Happy Days, I also spent a lot of time to observe people's outfit. you released two albums in 7 days. Future and Hendrix are two cheap jordan shoes for men very different styles. How do they interact with each other? everything relating to the creation, I want to give my fans something different, so do not stop brainstorming, we write songs, finally putting my thoughts into the melody, I think this is a great achievement, so I also released two albums. in the recent Instagram post, you released a picture of a shoe with the title "some bad habits."". How much shoes do you wear? few bad habits. A, post, shared, by, Future, Hendrix (@future), on, Feb 26, 2017, at, 6:21pm, PST What kind of partnership did you expect when signed the contract with Reebok? I love it is said that you are going to have a collaboration with ZOKU RUNNER what's your favorite Reebok shoes? Kemp Reebok Kamikaz〉 Nike 1/10 in the evening issued a variety of breath Zodiac snake products, following the last year of the dragon, which should be published in a series of zodiac shoes very grand and have a comprehensive product of the year, because without him, from the 2002 lunar year of the horse shoe debut began, the zodiac concept and create NIKE shoes become every shoe fans in China focus expectations before the lunar new year, the year of the snake is NIKE for Twelfth consecutive years Chinese Lunar New Year: Zodiac themed products, completed a cycle of twelve zodiac, of course algebra in sports sh Retro jordans for sale oes or continue to say 12 years may not be worth the write a great deal about this is a digital, but with the traditional shoes cultural integration concept, in the year is a revolutionary breakthrough, then through the times constantly change, this series is still able to push every year And still can cause the discussion, visible on Nike in this series of heart as well as the 12 zodiac story behind the charm, and followed by the Lunar New Year is approaching, NIKE with the theme of "snake", to create a new Snake Zodiac shoes, we can see the first wave: in addition to the most familiar Air Force 1, with the past is different to the black mamba nickname in the NBA game for many years Kobe Bryant is certainly one of the contemporary "snake" link with the highest degree of celebrity, his basketball shoes from the Zoom Huarach 2K4 has been found in snake elements, recent generation of shoes is completely by the snake as the design of the spindle, so this publication contains Kobe 8 System series, Kobe series a lot of shoes in which we live through the Shanghai exhibition and the official figure To introduce a series of products for you, Air Force 1 was born in 30 years, a new member of the family of Air Force 1 CMFT as the snake series preferred cushioning insole heel cushion collocation with LUNARLON, significantly enhance the functionality and comfort. In addition to low red color to highlight the festival atmosphere and earlier in the year of the snake monster has limited NIKE / AIR FORCE 1 "WHAT THE introduced SNAKE 'bold render KOBE elements in the year of the snake tube and FOAMPOSITE integral style, showing a high gloss and texture of the snake, the heel window Max Air air cushion, configuration is quite luxurious. 2013 Nike Kobe is adopted to represent the black, purple and gold, and the snake as the main design, and China in 2013 coincides with the heavenly stems and earthly branches, particularly in the "sexy" and "sexy" word snake with seal pattern, the KOBE in the spirit of basketball and China cultural integration, the design of snake series products the more delicate and profound, including Zoom 2K4, Huarach launched a total.Jeremy Lin, a rapper, encourages fans to seize the summer and pursue their dreams adidas this year Jeremy Lin return to Taiwan tour behind continue to bring fans a surprise, previously released in cooperation with Jeremy Lin to task second of the film "Adidas set" Undercover Trainers undercover Trainer - "Adidas", once again triggered crazy discussions, create more than one million visitors. and this is released in cooperation with Jeremy Lin "Take on Summer" summer "battle" theme song, the theme continued to summer tour, Jeremy Lin invited avatar rappers encourage fans to grasp the summer dream; the single Jeremy Lin shows great rap and amazing talent. this summer's return trip, Jeremy Lin has joined the Taiwan rap superstar Dan Bao impromptu activities opening act, a scene to sing, let all the fans crazy; and the release of "Take on Summer" battle "summer", which is at the time of the show song, as well as in summer the concept features time to return to Taiwan tour; invited by Adidas Jeremy Lin and Dan Bao co creation, this added Jeremy Lin personally recording songs combined with young people are fond of hip-hop and basketball culture, unforgettable memories for this summer. theme film records the adidas x summer trip to Jeremy Lin battle scenes, including Jeremy Lin continued training on the pitch screen, surprise dunk four performances, and for the first time at the scene in front of the microphone for recording, show star charm. adidas x Jeremy Lin "Take on Summer" summer "Battle Theme Song Ci / / arranger: Dan Bao Singer: Jeremy Lin + Dan Bao (BOLD singing content for Jeremy Lin) Back in the studio. SL and JLIN in the Taipei you got a new house. for those who eat and play color are not so mad love to when I was a high who also don't want me to leave 〉 James Harden crazy performance this season as a concept to the brand as his first double signature shoes Adidas Harden Vol.1 launched "Disruptor" to express the new color, he has the ability to change the war in the game, I believe we still remember in less than a month's time, the beard is reached all Dasanyuan data of two times 50 points, which also includes a personal single game scoring a career high, the style of using very simple color collocation, clearly depict the shoe body contour, believe that no matter in the field or daily use can be quite easily on the hand. adidas Harden Vol.1 'Disruptor' version of Taiwan has been officially on sale, the official price NT$5290 yuan, interested in the exploration to local shoe stores or dealers to contact adidas. source: adidasdo you have been XII LeBeon successive sale of color to confuse it? Although the first paragraph 7 color only released the fourth paragraph, but a unique characteristics of color to catch the standard colorful outsole indeed give us bring different visual experience. So XII LeBron plus the "Galaxy" theme? Is not unable to extricate themselves, this was regarded as a history of Nike's most successful theme color of "galaxy" now appeared LeBron XII customized version, enjoy it. source: sneakernewsWeibo Company Cooperative Contact Us Copyright Beijing Seth Times Media Culture Co., Ltd. Copyright? 2015 SIZE media, All Right Reserved. Beijing ICP 13028176